Secret Algorithm That is Used by Agen Poker Sites Online

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There is no secret that poker online sites use huge amount of encryption and security to protect the software from the poker bots, cheaters and colluders. But, one secret that they cannot protect is deterministic algorithms that they use in the software that will decide outcome of the hands. Moreover, a person who knows this algorithms will easily win quite often in the poker game online.

Why are they making use of algorithms anyway?

Poker indonesia sites online do not require any extra algorithms to be used to ‘level a field’ as simple use of the random number generator will appear to produce the fair shuffle and accurate game. But in year 2001, after many programmers were exposed to these flaws of RNG and inability of RNG to produce enough number of the random decks, (thus making it simple to predict flop, turn or river), the poker sites online need to make certain changes.

poker indonesia

After many changes were made of RNG seed generation and sophisticated measures were taken for producing the wider range of the random deck sequences, poker sites online faced the new problem – cheating and collusion by the unscrupulous players. And this problem got addressed with the new set of the algorithms that will produce the fair game just by preventing colluding by using the sequential deterministic algorithms.

What Can Cause Those Bad Beats in the game?

Implementation of the sequential algorithm is intended to stop the colluders created the new problem, and it removed true statistics or probability of game. Thus, if you’re holding pocket aces & flop is A9 Q, essentially you have the 91% of chance of winning this hand in the live play.  Just put, true odds of winning a hand are not a part of this game, due to sequential algorithms used. The algorithms replace true odds & determine outcome that is based on their mathematical decisions. For this reason, lots of people can claim that poker online is rigged.

What’s The Secret?

Secret is to know how these algorithms work, or using this knowledge to limit your constant bad beats. Program makes the deterministic decision on winning hand without any regard to odds, outs, statistics, and other measure of this game. Thus, if you ever want to win poker online, you have to understand algorithms and put this to use in the game.